Sports Centers

Vanvasi have natural talent in sports. Need is to provide them the right opportunity & facility so that they can put the nation on sports map of world. Living close to nature Vanvasi children and youth are endowed with inborn interest in games and sports. Hard and challenging life in forests give them innate strength and vitality and probably because of this they are naturally proficient in several sports, games, archery and athletics With this realization sports activity started under Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram in 1987.

40 daily sports Kendra and 266 weekly Kendra’s are in existence with very good attendance. All India level sports meet for the vanvasi sports persons are organized after every four year. First of the four-yearly All India Vanvasi Sports Meet was held at Mumbai in 1988.  IVth All India Vanvasi Sports Meet at Ranchi in 2000 & VIIth was also held in Ranchi in year 2015.