The social & political exploitation of tribes have led to great difference between societies, which is causing group rivalries, cast, & creed violence. It is very essential that tribes & non-tribes should live together in peace & march forward for development, prosperity & bright future of the state & nation.

Vanvasi kalyan Kendra’s main objective is to make tribals literate, health conscious, self-dependant and to make them conscious about their identity & cultural heritage so that they can preserve their ancient culture with pride.

How does vanvasi kalyan Kendra function?
We work with a team of 184 devoted  workers (karyakarta), many of whom belong to Janjatis (Scheduled Tribes). They work with a nominal honorarium for maintenance of their families. More than a hundred of them are working since twenty years or more with the team of dedicated workers. We are running small service activities to create awareness and let them march with the rest of the society.