i-  Hospital-
We are running a hospital at Lohardaga (Jharkhand). Now, it is converted into an eye hospital named“Birsa Netralaya”, conducting cataract operations at regular interval. This hospital is with all modern amenities works as a referral hospital.

ii- Dispensaries:

8 Primary Health-care units are being run with a token fee. Medical dispensary works at remote tribal villages with one doctor & one assistant to the needed people nine such dispensaries are presently serving

iii- Sub-Medical Centers:
Medical assistance to those in need is provided through  these health clinics. One fulltime health  worker covers ten villages & provides free medical assistance to the needy tribes.

iv- Free Medical Camps:
Monthly free medical camps are conducted in villages from cities like Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Dhanbad  and Bokaro. Teams of volunteers – doctors, workers and members visit the patients at remote villages.

In remote & far distant places where no medical facilities are available, nor the tribes can afford going for medical help, Mobile free medical camps are organized & arranged in the areas. Nearly 60 such camps are arranged during the year & approx 25,000 people get free treatment with free medicine.