Educational function is organized on village level. We run our educational projects, where there is no facility of formal or informal education for growing children. The teachers are trained and their skill continuously upgraded to meet the ever-changing requirement.

i. Formal Education: (SARASWATI SHISHU/VIDYA MANDIR)- Formal Schools are run by our sister organization named  ‘SRIHARI VANVASI VIKAS SAMITI’.  Nearly 19,000 students are getting good education in a simple way, with 650 Acharyas (Teachers) with commitment to the cause. The results of 10th class are more than 90%. Students also excel in extra-curricular  activities like sports & quiz.

Formal education is basically classified into three categories i.e. Primary education, which includes class I to class V and covers the children of the age group 6-11 years, Secondary education, which includes class VI to VIII and covers the children of the age group 11-14 years, Higher education which includes class IX to X and covers the children of the age group 15-16. Formal education is being given to through 26 high school, 84 middle & primary school. This is the biggest step taken by Vanvasi Kalyan Kendra in order to insist the goal.

ii. Non-formal education: EKAL VIDYLAYA – (One Teacher Schools): Ekal Vidyalaya have been established and in those schools one educated & trained man/lady is engaged in teaching to boys & girls of village for three hours daily.

Through 389 Ekal Vidyalayas children are educated there to have basic educational needs. In these one-teacher schools students are prepared up to class V standard in five years duration.
Since 1989, we are running single teacher non-formal schools (Ekal-Vidyalaya) through which more than two lakh of children got patriotic education. Jharkhand is its origin. The govt. started “Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan” on the same lines.

iii. Hostel – We run small residential hostels (20 in number) in 17 places with a total of 700 students; of which, 3 are for girl students.
Success of VKK hostels lies in preparing such boys and girls as are ever willing to work for the society. Intelligent & meritorious tribal boy- girls of remote & distant places are given opportunity for secondary & higher education by providing hostel facilities at suitable places.