Economic Development

i. Village Development Programmes: 80 percent of the tribal population is earning their livelihood from agriculture sector. Hence this is the unavoidable sector and need prioritized attention. Agricultural improvement is sweeping through the entire country. To enable the vanvasi farmers benefit from these developed methods of framing krishi vikas Kendra is functioning through extension programmes this Kendra is engaged in continuous upgrading of the framing methods in the far flung tribal areas improved seed methods and plants are being distributed on regular basis. Workshops held regularly keeps them abreast of the latest technology in the field of agriculture and horticulture. Usually tribal farmers are encouraged to adopt the modern farming and modern technology of agricultural method so that they can get sufficient agricultural production as per their hard labour. In order to achieve this, the workers of VANVASI KALYAN KENDRA organize monthly or fortnightly meeting in the most of the villages of Jharkhand. In this meeting the importance of modern farming and use of modern technology are discussed.
Farmers are also provided various types of agricultural training so that they can grow various kinds of knowledge regarding the various crops and grow their crops in the healthy environment.
ii.  Self Help Groups –  We have formed women self-help groups numbering 1234 in 500 places for creating awareness amongst women and men.

Self-Help Groups are the groups of individual either man or woman, who are organized and mobilized in order to become economically empowered through the saving habits, credit facility imparting training etc. There are 10-20 members in a group of SHGs. Out of the members three members are selected as the President Secretary and Treasurer respectively. This selection is done with the full consent and active participation of each and every member of the groups.  It is process of social and economic empowerment in which every members of the group are encouraged to adopt saving habits weekly, fortnightly or monthly. At the time of formation of SHGs, the account of particular group is opened with the linkage of the local bank by the help of our workers. In the process of social and economic empowerment every member of the SHGs are imparted training time to time and by the help of the training and credit facility they establish their own small scale business and capable to earn their livelihood and fulfill their basic requirements.